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“All diseases start in the gut. Just as food causes chronic disease, it can also be the most powerful cure”.
— Hippocrates

With this in mind, we know that laying a strong foundation of Whole Health begins by healing, supporting and maintaining a healthy gut, then adding the extra nutrients your body needs according to what else is not functioning optimally for YOU.

Thanks to a collaboration with local researchers and a science-based food company, we are building functional food products to support your Whole Health – body, brain & mind.


Products Include


Laying the Foundation of Whole
Health starts with a Healthy Gut

Small Bag - 180gm (30serves)
Large Bag - 360gm (60serves) Coming soon!!

Packed Laying the foundation of Whole Health, Bounce Base is made from natural plant fibre and gluten-free grains prepared using no chemicals to maintain their micronutrients. It contains insoluble and soluble fibres, along with resistant starch and is a proven prebiotic.

Packed with naturally-occurring antioxidants & micronutrients, such as selenium, B vitamins and chromium, it has also been shown to contribute to the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels.


Sugarcane Fibre (Sucrose Removed) & Red sorghum.

BOUNCE013 Bounce Back Group Mockup_1.jpg
Recover & Support Whole Health,
Reduce Inflammation & Boost your Energy - Raspberry Flavour

Sachet - 23gm (single serve)
Bag - 690gm (30 serves)

A double dose of Bounce Base plus additional electrolytes, immune support, anti-inflammatory nutrients, freeze-dried raspberry & beetroot powders, Bounce Back helps you do exactly that!

Taken before exercise to support training and recovery OR taken daily to improve energy and to reduce inflammation in the gut and systemically, Bounce Back is that perfect extra boost!


Sugarcane Fibre (Sucrose Removed), Red Sorghum, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Potassium Bicarbonate, Himalayan Pink Salt, Evaporated Cane Juice (Simple & Complex Carbs Plus A Whole Range Of Micronutrients & Trace Minerals), Natural Flavour, Beetroot Powder & Vegetable Gums.

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"If you’re not bouncing out of bed, then your brain and body are not firing on all cylinders.  Our passion is to get to the root cause of your health concerns, then re-establish your health on every level."

— Jo Grabyn, Founder, Bounce Matters & Whole Health Blends