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Is this you?


Tired, wired, sick of being passed around

I am a nutritional medicine specialist working with people who have health problems reducing the quality of their lives, particularly those who have struggled to find a diagnosis.

Lost hope of an answer

My patients have typically been to see a GP, perhaps even a specialist or four. A patient might have a diagnosis and have been referred to me by their doctor for help managing their nutrition & lifestyle. 

But sometimes they come to me because they are sick of being passed from doctor to doctor and have almost lost hope of getting a diagnosis, let alone ever feeling or getting better.

A vague sense that something is wrong

How for instance, do you tell your GP something as vague as “I’m just tired all the time”, or that you don’t feel as mentally sharp as you used to be? But those first signs—like not being able to calculate the tip on a restaurant meal or forgetting words, or what you were about to say—are exactly the sort of thing you should take to a health professional.

I’m one of a handful of practitioners in Australia certified in the Bredesen Protocol (also known as MEND), which is a revolutionary science-based approach to reversing and preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the first signs of which start to show, up to 20 or 30 years beforehand.

Whole health

When you tell me you never used to feel this way and you know something is wrong, I believe you. I’ll use everything western medicine has to offer to find out what’s wrong. Where appropriate, I collaborate with doctors and other specialists who practise the same whole-health approach that I do. 

When we have some answers, you and I will work together to prepare an individualised treatment program that works for you.


“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.  When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”

— BKS Iyengar


How we work


A team approach for your whole health

The reason I work with many health practitioners, including functional medicine GPs plus other practitioners and specialists, is because our body of medical knowledge is so vast that no one—however dedicated or experienced—can know it all. Increased specialisation of doctors is one approach, but it doesn’t help the patients whose symptoms don’t fit into one specialist’s area and that specialist doesn’t know where to send them.

Functional medicine is a 21st-century approach to health. It uses Western medicine to understand the underlying causes of disease by looking at a patient’s whole health. It also makes you a partner with your health professional(s) in your treatment.

It starts with an unusually thorough clinical assessment that takes into account your medical history, biochemistry, genetics, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and anything else proven to influence long-term health and chronic conditions.

You might need only one health practitioner or you might need a collaborative team of specialists who all believe in a whole-health approach. The difference with functional medicine is that is that YOU, the patient, the whole person, is at the centre, not your symptoms. When that’s the case, no one is just putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms that fall into their area of specialisation.


If that sounds good & you'd like a brief chat to see if I can help, call me for a free 20-minute telephone conversation.



“Jo knows things that I, as a GP, don’t and she’s a machine when it comes to research. I’m always happy to refer patients to Jo.”

— Eunice Mann, GP, Sydney