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Get your Bounce Back with Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) 

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is a safe, non-invasive specialised therapy that uses an increase in atmospheric pressure to increase oxygen supply into blood cells, blood plasma, cerebral-spinal fluid, plus all tissues and organs of the body. It has been shown to provide a wide variety of positive physiological, biochemical and cellular improvements in many conditions which benefit from increased oxygen availability.

Bounce Matters introduces AirPod, a comfortable, relaxing and meditative experience. A typical treatment lasts for 60-90mins, during which you lay down, relax, breath normally, and maybe even have a snooze. 

At our new clinic we offer AirPod Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments to patients, athletes, weekend warriors & anyone seeking treatments to assist the following;

• Brain Repair
• Inflammation & pain
• Better ageing
• Migraine headaches
• Stress & anxiety
• Sleep
• Sports recovery & performance
• Energy & chronic fatigue
• Healing of injuries & surgeries
• Cancer treatment support



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Inflammation & Hyperbarics


Inflammation is an integral finding in numerous medical conditions and coincides with nearly all types of injuries and insults to the body.  Numerous studies have reported chronic inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Traumatic Brain Injury and many other chronic health challenges.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been demonstrated to substantially attenuate inflammation throughout the body.  HBOT drives increased levels of oxygen into the cells of the body, by travelling through plasma, subsequently reducing inflammation and pain.  Studies have shown that HBOT increases anti-inflammatory levels and provides increased cellular aid to heal target regions.  As oxygen serves as one of the primary mechanisms to ameliorating inflammation, HBOT creates the environment where this process is stimulated and enhanced. 

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of HBOT for inflammation in the following;

Support anti-inflammatory process at
the cellular level:

•  Decreases acute & chronic inflammation
•  Minimises pain and discomfort
•  Increases anti-inflammatory cytokines
•  Reduces swelling
•  Induces fibroblast (connective tissue cell)

Enhance performance:

•  Improves concentration
•  Increases serotonin levels
•  Accelerates jet lag recovery
•  Decreases lactic acid

Study – NFL Athlete Improves Cognitive
Functioning with HBOT, 2011
(Available on request)


Anti-ageing & Hyperbarics

Age-related diseases and degenerative symptoms throughout the body are a growing concern worldwide.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has shown to help combat degenerative conditions by contributing to the regeneration of tissue and blood vessels.  HBOT stimulates angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) in areas of the body where circulation is compromised and is utilised by some physicians to help treat Coronary Heart Disease, Macular Degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Osteo-arthritis & Immune-related diseases.  Additionally, HBOT promotes collagen activation to help battle the signs of ageing including reducing skin damage and maintaining elasticity.  Clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of HBOT for age-related degenerative conditions by providing cellular aid to all organs in the body to promote health and beauty.

Circulation & general blood flow:

•  Stimulates new blood vessel growth
•  Ameliorates atherosclerosis
•  Combats & prevents circulatory diseases including diabetes


General health:

•  Stimulates the generation of ATP
•  Promotes stem cell proliferation and mobilisation
•  Decreases risk of infection
•  Reduces stress & anxiety
•  Supports the immune system

The brain:

•  Stimulates neurogenesis
•  Promotes neuroplasticity
•  Improves memory and reaction times


The heart:

•  Improves oxygenation to cardiac tissue
•  Reduces risk of heart attack
•  Improves heart muscle function following heart attack


The eyes:

•  Helps combat age-related macular degeneration
•  Ameliorates diabetic retinopathy
•  Reduces central retinal artery occlusion
•  Attenuates glaucoma symptoms

The joints, soft tissue & bones:

•  Ameliorates osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis
•  Accelerates healing
•  Reduces inflammation and pain
•  Improves mobility and stamina


The skin:

•  Reduces excessive skin damage from UV-A radiation
•  Maintains skin elasticity
•  Stimulates epithelialization & reduces scar formation


Sports & Hyperbarics


Injuries caused by sports-related activities remain a substantial concern with players, coaches and parents alike.  As inflammation and pain play primary roles with respect to recovery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and ameliorate pain.  Additionally, HBOT can promote fibroblast / collagen activity to accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries and wounds. 

New evidence supports HBOT as an adjunct & practical treatment to help moderate the effects of traumatic brain injuries and enhance brain imaging results.  HBOT is often utilized by doctors and patients to help reach a full recovery from high-impact insults to the body and is currently used by some of the US Olympic teams to treat sports-related injuries as a part of their official medical techniques and equipment. 

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of HBOT for sports-related injuries with the following;

Accelerate recovery from sports-related injuries:

•  Increases collagen production
•  Reduces inflammation & pain
•  Supports faster recovery time from Sprains, Tears & Bone Fractures
•  May Enhance Recovery from Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) & Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries
•  May Decrease Susceptibility Towards Reinjuring Target Areas
•  Rapid recovery from Concussions & Head Injuries
•  Stimulates angiogenesis

Faster recovery from surgeries:

•  Increases fibroblast activation
•  Reduces inflammation for optimal pre-op conditions
•  Reduces risk of infection
•  Stimulates stem cell proliferation
•  Decreases hospital time


Amplify recovery from intensive training:

•  Accelerates healing from acute muscle strain
•  Improves blood flow
•  Proliferates the production of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP)

Enhance performance:

•  Improves concentration
•  Increases serotonin levels
•  Accelerates jet lag recovery
•  Decreases lactic acid


Study – NFL Athlete Improves Cognitive Functioning with HBOT, 2011 (Available on request)


How does it work?

Two factors are needed to increase the available oxygen in the circulatory system:

1. Availability of oxygen
2. Increased atmospheric pressure

As with any instance of dissolving gas into liquid, pressure is used to dissolve more oxygen into the blood. The increased pressure then forces the oxygen deeper into oxygen-starved cells and tissues.



Is it safe?

mHBOT is exceptionally safe, particularly when applied at lower pressures and following proper guidelines. Please note, oxygen toxicity and adverse reactions are rare and pertain more towards clinical applications in hospital settings, where patients are delivered a much higher dose due to acute and life-threatening conditions. When applied at lower dosages, there have been impeccable safety records shown.


Typical Treatment

A typical treatment lasts 60mins once or twice a day.  
1-3 times a week for maintenance and wellbeing.  
5-6 days per week for acute issues.  
6-7 days a week for specific chronic condition* protocols.

* Recent clinical trials show most benefit using the protocol of 40hrs in 30 days for 1-2months in conditions such as dementia, stroke recovery, chronic fatigue, TBI, and cerebral palsy to name a few.



1 x  60min  session - $110

1 x  90min  session - $165
(Multi-packs on request)

10 x 1hr sessions - $990
10% discount - SAVE $110

20 x 1hr sessions - $1760
20% discount - SAVE $440

30 x 1hr sessions - $2310
30% discount - SAVE $990

Packages valid for 12mths from date of purchase.


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