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About Jo Grabyn


I believe a little bit in destiny. I grew up in a family with health issues that were never properly resolved by the doctors. And I had my own problems—with hormonal issues, migraines, anxiety, and food. 

My dream as a child was to grow up to help people with their health. I didn’t, of course. Like most people, I got sidetracked from what I truly wanted to do. I travelled; I moved overseas; I got a job in finance for a global shipping company in South Africa. I worked for an IT / stockbroking firm in London. Words like “mergers” and “credit derivative trading” started attaching themselves to my CV.

Then my health failed me. I suffered chronic fatigue twice. I began studying with doctors and specialists in nutrition. I fixed my health and qualified in nutritional medicine. I started practising on the weekends.

I realised I couldn’t crunch numbers during the day and study health at night. There was too big a gulf between them. I gave up the finance job and started working for companies in health food and nutrition as a stepping stone.

Today, I practise full time as a nutritional medicine specialist. I help people get to the bottom of their health problems, and I give them treatment plans that work for them as individuals.

I have Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), and I’ve studied psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) and psycho-neuro-endocrinology (PNE). (Basically, how your thinking creates & changes brain chemistry, affecting your hormones, your immune system & your whole body in turn).

Most recently, I qualified in the Bredesen Protocol (also known as the MEND Protocol), making me one of the few in Australia who can use this method to tackle and reverse—or prevent—the onset of early Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) 
  • Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine

“My passion is to guide you, empower you, inspire, educate & motivate you to create whole health in your body, brain & life, and to learn how to keep them.”

— Jo Grabyn


If that sounds good & you'd like a brief chat to see if I can help, call me for a free 20-minute telephone conversation.



“I found Jo when I was experiencing ‘mystery’ fatigue for no discernible reason. Jo worked to understand all the elements of my life, so she could offer lasting solutions that suited me. She helped me regain my optimism, my energy, and to feel in control of my health. I am so grateful for being introduced to her, and recommend her to anyone who will listen!”
— Elise Watson, Project Manager, Savills Australia