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I never feel this way,
but it's been a year now...


When you don’t feel right, but it seems like no one can help

Sometimes it comes on suddenly; sometimes it creeps up on you. That feeling that you’re not quite right. Maybe the symptoms are pronounced. Perhaps they’re so subtle that you’re not even sure it’s worth talking to your GP.

Or you’ve been to a GP who couldn’t help, and you’ve been passed around specialists. Maybe you started wondering if it was all in your head.

I see people every day who are at the end of their rope because they can’t even get a diagnosis.


Hard science delivered holistically

I’m a nutritional medicine specialist who uses medical research and science to find the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms. I work where appropriate with a team of doctors and other specialists who also practise a whole-health approach. 

We start with a comprehensive clinical assessment that takes into account whole-of-life factors—medical history, lifestyle, genetics, emotional wellbeing, environmental factors and anything else proven to impact long-term health.

Then we draw on all that western medicine has to offer in the way of diagnostic tools and research into biochemistry and genetics. 

We take what we learn and work with you to make a plan that treats your whole health, not isolated symptoms. 

This is hard science, but it’s focussed on the patient instead of the disease.

It takes more time and it takes more effort, but it works.


If that sounds good & you'd like a brief chat to see if I can help, call me for a free 20-minute telephone conversation.



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“Jo is exceptional. She isn’t just highly intelligent; she’s committed to whole health. She doesn’t second-guess herself; her instructions are clear, and she’s brilliant at teaching her patients what they need to do. We love to work with her.”
— Dr Georgina Hale, Functional Medicine Doctor and Infectious Diseases Specialist, Queensland.


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